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Our Panel


Libertarian Feminist in resident on The Lifeboat, Krystle is a passionate wife and mother of two boys in San Antonio, Texas. When she’s not wrangling two tiny humans, she is shaking her head at the daily news crossing her desk while trying to balance a shaky limbo of optimism for the future and disappointment in the present. In her spare time, outside of combating systemic oppression, the prison industrial complex, government overreach, and income taxes, she enjoys binge watching TV and running a neighborhood book club.


Ross has yet to complete his bio.


Courtney is a radical feminist who believes in the abolishment of oppressive structures in order to free marginalized populations. Born and raised in Texas, she became a social worker to contribute something to this fight. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Work with a concentration in social policy and institutional racism. When she’s not yelling at Ted Cruz on Twitter, or studying, she enjoys the outdoors and hanging out with her animals.

BZ Penn

By day BZ Penn masquerades as an international celebrity playboy. But by night, he is a mystery man striking fear into the hearts of the corrupt and criminal.


Kay is a black feminist from Michigan. A wife and mother to 2 children, most days are filled with wrangling children. Her main points of interest are racial justice, prison reform, drug war, foreign policy and fighting for the working class.


The only Left Coast member of the Lifeboat, Caleb is  somewhere on the left end of the political spectrum, though where he falls on the Y axis is still in flux.  Being raised in a conservative sect of Christianity has given him insight into the mental gymnastics of the evangelical Christians who support theocratic authoritarianism (aka the GOP).  He also likes podcasts, both listening to them and being on them, video games, fatherhood, and putting a stop to endless war abroad and at home.


Ashley hails from Indianapolis, where she is an intersectional feminist, who spends a majority of her time fighting for equality for marginalized people. Her main interests include women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, and sex-positive education. She also enjoys volunteering for pet rescues and has five pets that keep her on her toes.


Gavin is an educator and self-proclaimed ‘sociology nerd’. A Northeastern transplant living in a chilled out sanctuary city in the South, Gavin has a deep and abiding interest in civil rights history, ‘minority’ politics, and racial equality - which is what drove him to earn a Masters Degree in Sociology.