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About the Podcast

We are a bunch of online friends who thought we didn’t spend enough time together, so we made a permanent weekly date out of it. We have Libertarians, Liberals, Radicals, Communists, Feminists, Capitalists, and men. We discuss topics that range from the economy, sexism, racism, campaigns, immigration, and the list goes on. Mostly we rant about cops.


Our hope for this podcast is expand the conversation beyond what is as the great divide in our country and to demonstrate even those who disagree can intelligently discuss the topics that seem to ripping the nation apart (if you listen to the MSM [mainstream media (I know)]).


Although our podcast panel tends to change weekly, our creators and contributors are pretty consistent. The podcast is produced by Caleb and Courtney, with guest producer Krystle. Writers for the show include Courtney and Krystle. Our fabulous music was created by Adam Hull. Find him here. And our shows are edited by the great Communist, Ross.